Antiques never go out of fashion nor do our reclaimed wood tables. Sometimes it is refreshing to have something that is centuries old in your living room.  We have been leading in exceptional handcrafted reclaimed tables in Ontario for the last ten years. Our original, authentic timbers that we use to craft the reclaimed wood furniture are sourced from original Ontario homestead barns. We bring the comfort of the farmhouse to your living space by infusing a rustic or antique quality to our furniture. A little bit of Canada’s agricultural roots will be enjoyed by your family for years through our reclaimed wood furniture. We also purchase large quantities of time-worn floorboards from 19th-century factories to make upcycled tables Toronto. Each board is hand selected for its character and patina. Reclaimed wood has been aged by time and elements, and has an untold history behind it. We convert this 100+-year-old antique into beautiful furniture.

We finish off our reclaimed wood furniture with water resistance and low viscosity marine grade epoxy. We double or triple epoxy to fill large divots, nail holes and prevent wear. The flexible epoxy enhances the timeworn patina and durability of this old wood. Each of our furniture is unique and different with interesting variations that instantly add warmth to any décor. All our tables are made entirely from eco-friendly hand selected reclaimed wood with dynamic elements and enduring qualities. Aged wood is stronger and often denser, and it carries years of history with it.

We love repurposing old wood to create high-quality furniture you will treasure for a very long time. Our salvaged tables Toronto provide us with a wonderful way to bring new life to old wood. Our reclaimed tables Toronto and upcycled tables Toronto depicts a timeless look and are durable. We honor the natural aging of the reclaimed wood by leaving surfaces untouched to bring out a rustic and antique look to our tables. As with all our tables, we can easily customize size and color. We incorporate steel legs to some of our reclaimed wood tables to add character and durability and beauty.  

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