Our side tables are sleek, sculptural and they balance the look of a living room or bedroom. We have functional pieces with an unmistakable sense of style perfectly suited for a modern and contemporary home. The side tables are placed at the side of a sofa or an armchair to set beverages and hold display household objects such as books, plants and reading lights. We offer a variety of styles and designs that you can choose from to complement your overall décor. When making a custom order tell us how you want to use the side live edge wood side tablesToronto to help determine the ideal size and shape suitable for you. Some of our live edge side tables have drawers to add a little extra storage in your living or family room.

Our live edge side tables are in a whole different category. They are always unique and interesting pieces. If you want something eye-catching for your living room we are more than happy to build you a custom design that will be the focal point of your living space. Our modern and contemporary designs will complement any modern home while the rustic side tables are perfect for adding an eclectic or farmhouse look. We incorporated a mirrored look to give a glamorous look.

Our natural edge wood side tables Toronto are handcrafted from solid wood to make them strong and durable. We paint and refinish of the top of the side tables by sealing with epoxy to prevent damage from water and moisture. By refinishing wood we preserve the value, it has acquired over the years, and we ensure it will last another extended period.  Refinishing brings out the natural beauty of wood to make our side tables statement pieces. We get to reuse high quality exiting solid hardwood to create beautiful, timeless pieces. We make custom size, custom height, and custom shape side tables with 100% solid live edge wood. We are happy to help you choose the best designs to complement your interior décor. The design principles incorporated are eye catching and simply mesmerizing. Our timeless designs are the best. 

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