Our coffee tables are central to any living space. Our custom coffee tables are handcrafted and feature high quality and durable hardwood. We offer different unique designs to meet all our customer's taste and preferences. Our live edge wood coffee tables Toronto have great motion and naturally live edges to give that rustic look to your home. The glamorous grain pattern, texture, and figuring make our live edge wood coffee tables Toronto an organic piece of art. Its original natural wooden color makes us think of nature.

We have different styles of tables available online, and we are happy to walk you through your own original design. We customize your coffee table to your desired height, size, and shape. Simply select dimensions and style, and we will have it delivered to your doorstep. All the major voids are filled with epoxy and finished off with a mineral oil to maintain the natural look of the wood.  We make our coffee tables from solid wood so it can last you a couple of years without suffering major dents or scratches.

Our life edge coffee tables constructed from walnut are shock resistant, very strong and stable. Sturdiness is one of our major considerations. It is one of the factors that determine the service life of our furniture. Quality wood has a good finish and is free of rough spots, dust speckles, and bubbles. We always finish off our furniture with paint and epoxy to prevent water damage and wear and tear. We use a good stain evenly applied to enhance the natural beauty of wood. Your family will enjoy our unique personalized coffee tables for a long term.

Our coffee tables are versatile and adaptable. They owe this to the natural properties of the wood which is a warm and elegant material capable of transforming a dull living room into a beautiful ambience. The undulating form and intricacy of all the little grain details make our coffee tables easily double as stylish sculptures. Our sculptural coffee tables will definitely make a statement regardless of where you place it in your living area.

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