Live edge or natural edge is a style of furniture where the craftsmanship incorporates the natural edge of the wood into the final finished design. The aim of using this style is to preserve the beauty of the wood and to showcase it. It results to a unique and one of a kind look on furniture. We pair sleek beauty with live edge designs. We use a solid base to enhance the natural beauty of live edge wood. The outside edges of our live edge walnut table are the actual bark edges of the tree. The natural occurring characteristics of the wood and the thick texture of the wood surface are still visible.  We preserve the natural edge of the wood to bring out a rustic design through our live edge tables. Our live edge tables and natural edge tables are exotic in designs.

Our slab tables feature highly decorative wood grain patterns with subcategories that further filter the aesthetic look of the table. The circular grain pattern makes our live edge tables a perfect choice for complementing a contemporary or modern look.  We make our slab tables Toronto from beautiful and unique hand-selected slabs that we purchase from 19th-century factories. We build natural wood tables Toronto like nothing you've seen before. Our tables outside edges are natural with an organic shape. We have amazing live edge wood tables Toronto available online ranging from live edge maple walnut tables.  

If you decide to order a custom piece you can rest assured we will build you furniture that will stand the test of time. The contrast between the straight lines and organic lines on our natural live edge tables is simply breathtaking. Live edge always stands out and is essentially sculptural and unique. Our hardwood live edge tables are rot resistance and not susceptible to insect attack so you are sure that you purchase great quality and long lasting pieces that will be passed down generation after generation. We offer two or three board book matched live edge on an in-store custom order only.

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