Our factory floor collection Toronto is unique and exclusive to Patterson’s furniture. We love repurposing old wood to create high quality furniture you will treasure for a very long time. Our factory floor tables provide us with a wonderful way to bring new life to old wood. We purchase large quantities of time worn floor boards from 19th century factories. Each board is hand selected for its character and patina. These boards have been aged by time and elements and it tells a story of men and women that created the product of our industrial past. We take this 100+ year old antique wood and turn it into beautiful collection of tables. Our factory floor tables have a timeless look and are durable. We honor the natural aging of the reclaimed factory boards by leaving surfaces untouched to bring out a rustic and antique look to our tables.

Our factory offerings are

  • The Studebaker factory Hamilton Ontario 1901-2014
  • Verity Plough / Massey Ferguson : Brantford Ontario 1893-2015
  • Beechnut Foods: Canajohare New York 1890- 2016

As with all our tables, we can easily customize size and color. We incorporate steel legs to some of our factory floor tables to add character and durability and beauty.

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